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Nigeria, the largest country in Africa has over 300 languages with three main languages been Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa.

There has been many business alliances formed between people speaking these languages and also inter-marriages between Nigerians speaking different languages and with people from other nationality is becoming more common. These and the increasing number of Nigerians living overseas have made it imperative to develop this software to preserve the culture.

It is anticipated that SORO will help to reduce communication barriers among Nigerians and enhance business and personal relationships.

The application also includes a lifestyle information library which is similar to an electronic document management system. This allows the storage and retrieval of any electronic files into SORO. Images, pictures, video recordings and any other files can be stored.

When using the Information library all features of the Language system can be used. Most importantly information (record) can be saved in up to four versions,for example four versions of a picture of "grandma" can be saved when creating a family category or history.


Select the link below to download:

SORO Nigeria Flyer including the recommended Operating System Specification

Please contact us if you want to configure Soro Nigeria for a Classroom Setup where by you want to have a server and many PCs connecting to one server's database.

You can now use the Latest Version of Soro Nigeria FREE for a session without been asked for any license code   just install it on a new PC which has not got Soro installed before and start using this wonderful software free for a session.

You can download the FULL Version of SORO Nigeria using the link below. On successful download and installation and FREE usage for a session you can then Purchase SORO Nigeria to receive unlock code to use the product permanently.


Download FULL VERSION of SORO Nigeria Volume 1 Version


Use link below to Upgrade to Version

Upgrade to Version from Versions 2.5.3 to 4.0.5

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