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 Speak - Kasa Ghana is the Universal Language Tutor and Translator Plus LifeStyle Information Library.

!!! This is a very Great value for money, two languages for the price of one  at an unbelievable price for limited time !!!.

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All you pay for Speak - Kasa Ghana is AUD$19.95 (Australian Dollars) for a limited time only when downloaded from this website's Download page


For online payment using VISA and MasterCard Debit / Credit cards please use the "Purchase SPEAK - GHANA" link below.

Link to Purchase Speak - Kasa GHANA


You may contact the following agents to purchase Speak - Kasa Ghana.

List of Agents

Mr. Adebayo Oladapo
Brisbane, Australia Tel: +61 414 930 671

Please contact Talkasoft at sales@talkasoft.com if you want to be a sales representative.