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Nigeria has over 300 languages with three main languages been Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa.

There has been many business alliances formed between people speaking these languages and also inter-marriages between Nigerians and other nationalities are becoming more common.

The increasing number of Nigerians living overseas have made it imperative to develop this software to preserve the culture.

It is anticipated that SORO will help to reduce communication barriers between Nigerians, other nationalities and enhance business and personal relationships.

The application also includes a lifestyle information library which is similar to an electronic document management system. This allows the storage and retrieval of any electronic files such as images, pictures, video recordings and any other files into SORO.

When using the LifeStyle Information Library all features of the Language system can also be used. Most importantly information (record) can be saved in up to four versions, for example four different pictures of an event can be saved to create a family record/information.


  SORO NIGERIA regarded as one of the Best in Language Tutoring and Translation Software. It dynamically displays graphic images for better illustration. Has Video and Audio Tutorials that will train you on how to use this fantastic legacy preservation software. The highly desired QUIZ feature makes learning SORO NIGERIA a great fun for everyone and School children.

SORO - Nigeria which includes the lifestyle information Library has been developed to preserve legacy data for the next generation of Nigerians and non Nigerians.
Learning to speak other languages helps to develop relationships and preserve cultures. SORO was developed to preserve languages in their original formats and also promote the correct pronunciations and writing of words in such languages.

If seeing and hearing is believing then please help yourself to these short VIDEO and AUDIO demonstration of SORO Nigeria Software.



See how to UPDATE EXISTING Audio and Translated data

See how to ADD new Data

See how to test your understanding of Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa words/phrases by using the QUIZ function.

See how to use SORO Nigeria to Store LIFESTYLE INFORMATION

You can now use the Latest Version of Soro Nigeria for a free session without been asked for any license code   just install it on a PC which has not got Soro installed before and start using this wonderful software. Click here to Download FULL VERSION of Soro Nigeria.

Please contact us if you want to configure Soro Nigeria for a Classroom Setup where by you want to have a server and many PCs connecting to one server's database.

You can READ EXTENDED INFORMATION on SORO Nigeria by selecting this link


Very colourful, interactive and easy to use software that our kids in particular loves. You could even build your own phrases and vocabularies! Fantastic!!. A must for all Nigerian and Nigerian related families abroad who are proud of and care about preserving their rich language heritage.

Bunmi Ajayi ACII(UK);ANZIIF(Fellow);CIP;QPIB Chartered Insurance Practitioner and Past President of the Nigerian Society of Victoria, Australia

This is one of the most innovative way of preserving our culture and language. It is a proactive way of bringing Nigerians together, in other words, this is the best practical way of expressing WAZOBIA.

Dr Chika Anyanwu, Department of Communications, University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia.

I have installed Soro Nigeria on four computers in my house to form a network so that we can have a language teaching lession with each child connecting to same database from their rooms. I liked it because I can actually use it to teach my children how to speak and write Yoruba. Guess what I only need to teach them once and they can learn what I thought them at their own time.

Mr and Mrs Dwayne Wolfe
Alaska, USA